Lichtenberg impressions 1 by Jarkko Räsänen

I am currently in Berlin, in the East of it: Lichtenberg. Today I want to post some of my digital painting/photography sketches based on photos I have taken of my surroundings. Little notions that have catched my eye without a concept.

Here are three images from Friedrichsfelde Ost station bridge. They are made with my online photo editor you can also try in . It is based on my old algorithm (2009) that cuts the image into 1 pixel slices, analyzes them and re-arranges them according to simple rules, like from darkest to brightest. They all have the same pixels, but in different order. The online editor’s maximum resolution is 1234pixels the longest side.

Here is two images made with a variation of the old code. It produces an effect that reminds of a reflection from water.

You can see more of my works at 🙂

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    Olesya Ilenok

    Wow, Jarkko, thanks for sharing your photo editor! I love that aesthetic!

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