City map – by Nanda Raemansky

My map to through the city centre of Ghent

During this residency, I am going to take you on a tour through the Belgian city Ghent during several different stages of the lockdown. I will explore how the pandemic situation has affected our freedom and how we are trying to coop with this challenge.

Nanda Raemanksy’s city map, the first stage of the city tour. Captured during the tightest part of the lockdown last April.

You can watch the ‘City walk’ interview here

Raemansky 2021 ©

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    Katelyn Albrecht

    I think this exploration into what comes out of lockdown and how people coop makes me reflect on the forgotten bustle of the cities before lockdown. The audio paired with the mostly empty photos made me realize how desolate some of these images are and I see the same changes in Ann Arbor, my university town.

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      Nanda Raemansky

      Hello Katelyn,

      Interresting to read that, although perhaps somewhat overlooked after all this time, you’ve also noticed the lack of “noise” in your cityscape. For me it was quite weird to walk around through Ghent like this, whilst it was so silent. Quite surreal. It reminded me a bit of the beach, here back at home, just before tourist season starts.
      Olessja told me something similar during our ‘city walk’, about the layer of foreign languages that has dissapeared out of the usual surrounding sounds from Sint Petersburg. Creating something of an emtpyness in the landscape. I wonder how it’s going to be like now, that the bars and shops are more or less back open in Ghent …

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