That Gauguin whose name escapes me by Daniele Leonardo


[facing a blank page on a screen:]

I recently moved (here) and supposedly did my personae as well. My studio is in the making, but it has been a decade now since my tools started adjusting to fitting luggage.

As I mentioned the first time we met -some might be hearing this anew- the place is ridden with ambivalences: personally speaking, it feels somewhat new to live it as a denizen, but not as much in general since I’ve been visiting all my life.
It’s struck by seasonality, not only weather-wise, but environmentally as a whole: from small to ghost town during most part of the year to bonafide city in the summer; within days actually.

I’ll tell more about this through what I envisioned as logs of sorts.

I’ve been thinking, on foot along the shoreline mainly, about what both my insights and outer inputs and features -my profile and presence- could be in here, this thing that we somehow share.

I decided to divide my contributions in a series of exercises and excursus that will lead up to the final work.
Don’t worry, I’m in no position / have no flair for teaching anything anyone. These will merely be suggestions. Open for everyone to follow or not.

Oh, by the way. Call me Daniel.

2 thoughts on “That Gauguin whose name escapes me by Daniele Leonardo

  1. I come from a tourist town in Northwestern Michigan, USA whose economy is run by teenagers and cherries. As a result, I am interested how the seasonality and the ebb and flow of temporary habitants impacts your city. I am curious about how you will capture this boom and to compare it with my hometown.

What do you think about this?