Did you feel how the ‘noise’ in your cityscape changed too? – by Nanda Raemansky

An empty hallway in the otherwise pretty busy trainstation Ghent-Dampoort.

As I was walking through the city Ghent, I noticed how the pandemic has caused a lack of ‘noise’ in the cityscape and how different the atmosphere of the city felt in result.

I was wondering how the lack of ‘noise’ has affect your cityscapes and would be really excited to read more about your personal experiences, in the comments below 🙂

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    Olesya Ilenok

    Honestly, life in our city is back to normal now. Noises are like before a pandemic. In Vladivostok and Yekaterinburg, too.
    I remember the first month of quarantine – then people were scared and tried to stay home. And the streets were empty and reminded me of zombie apocalypse movies. It was a unique feeling – everything became slower and quieter. But very quickly everything returned to normal.

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      Nanda Raemansky

      Lesya thank you for sharing your urban pandemic noise experience with us. It’s pretty weird, but also impressive, to see and hear such a big mob of people almost act like they are one. Good to hear that life is more or less back to normal. However impressive it might, it doesn’t beat the joy of not having to worry about all those weird little rules.

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    Evgeniy Lukuta

    Nanda, thank you for your interesting thoughts in your posts, they are very close to me! =)
    Olesya, life in the city is back, as it turned out – it’s an illusion, at the stage of this residence I’m a zombie too ?

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