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In this “pandemic isolation”, I take advantage of the silence, see and review my projects, so I thought it was important to share with St. Petersburg Art Residency: in favor of science through education. 

I think art and life are one. Art dialogues with all things in the experience of man, through color, geometry, composition, balance of forms, emotion. All these elements are present in nature and in all things created and built by human beings, such as architecture, engineering; medicine, science, technology, in short, everything that is part of our existence.

n November 2014, I participated in the week “Health Education and Laser Activity”, in celebration of International Diabetes Day, at PUC-MG, Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, Eucharistic Unit of the Heart, in Belo Horizonte, MG. That is why I prepared a workshop to address the theme “fun and creativity”, based on the “inputs” provided in the treatment and control of diabetes, in celebration of the University’s International Diabetes Day. Elementary school students, teachers and the local community participated. I introduced the concept “what is not for me is for the other”; a dialogue on recycling with creativity, in the context of sustainability, aimed at the workshop and whose objective was not only to transmit this reflection to everyone, but mainly to people with diabetes and their families. This concept also awakens another look at creativity and entertainment through the elements / parts / objects that make up all the equipment and treatment logistics, directed to waste ”. With these six “pieces” (photo) we can develop creativity, for example, an animation or simply create an interesting object with a relevant plastic construction; “Art for art”

Everything that is built manually contributes to the quality of life of all people, in this case, mainly in the lives of people in control of diabetes, as follows:

– Creativity and laser – works motor coordination – acts in concentration providing a meditation; to concentrate deeply on “doing something” is a way of meditating too, I understand that. – working on recycling is a way of collaborating on sustainability: less waste in nature.

OBS.: Esclareço que todas essas peças aqui demonstradas nas criações, são peças da seringa de aplicação de insulina em pacientes com diabetes. As agulhas são descartadas e as peças higienizadas, isentas de contaminação; mais de uso doméstico para dosagem da glicose e quem utiliza ou tem algum familiar nessa condição conhece bem o assunto. No caso, para eu montar o material didático, foram cedidas por um professor, pai de aluno em controle da diabetes.

NOTE: I clarify that all these pieces shown here in the creations, are pieces of the syringe for insulin application in patients with diabetes. The needles are discarded and the parts sanitized, free from contamination; more of domestic use for glucose measurement and those who use or have a family member in this condition know the subject well. In this case, for me to assemble the didactic material, they were provided by a teacher, father of a student in diabetes control. IURBAN ASPECTS / Quarantine – 14 Iara Abreu

  1. jinnbug

    What interesting work! I enjoyed reading about your process!

    1. Avatar photo
      Iara Abreu

      Hello Jinnbug. thanks for the observation and glad you liked it. Composing with objects is also drawing, isn’t it? We just replace the pen or pencil with the objects. As our great Brazilian artist Amilcar de Castro used to say, “cattail used in construction is also a line” … and with lines one draws …

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    Kate Finkelstein

    Dear Lara, thank you for sharing with us your project… I’ve got really awakening feelings since the first view on pictures till the understanding of the materials and the idea. I love when art is becoming transformational force and create a space or impulse for dialogue. Recycling becomes rethinking??⛑

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