The obsessive forms | Liza Odinokikh

Last time I was talking about my quarantine project. You can read about it here.

Today I am going to tell you about my every morning practice that becomes a big part of this project.

I call this exercise the clean-up of subconscious. Every day after waking up, I take my pen and write down on paper flow that stored inside my head. I don`t need to think about what I am writing, just write all the things that comes to my head. When three pages are ready, I sever them into small pieces thereby destroying the connection between my mind and things that were disturbing me.

Prototypes made of clay

This raw material become a medium that formed papier-mâché sculptures.

The smooth shape of the sculptures echoes the shape of the human body, reminding that what is hidden inside eventually finds its way to the surface. The choice is up to us: accept, resist, or ignore these obsessive forms.

I created a basis shape for the papier-mâché

Have a good day and keep your mind clear!

3 thoughts on “The obsessive forms | Liza Odinokikh

  1. Dear Liza,
    Thank you for your post! Many specialists tell now that we need meditations, yes… I try to do, but routine takes me over and over again.

    It reminded me about my practice to write down the subjects of my dreams in a notebook. A month after beginning I was surprised about absurd of them and by the way how many details I forgot.

    Your objects are funny by the way I even don’t know why 🙂
    Our former resident Yao Wang did also half abstract human like forms, maybe it will be interesting for you:

    1. Nazar,

      Thank you!

      I saw the works of Yao Wang during his exhibition and found them very interesting, especially I liked the medium he used.

      Telling about your practice with the dream writing. They say if you write down day-to-day descriptions of your dreams someday it might become a meaningful story.
      I doubt that`s true, but who knows)

  2. Liza, I do love the sensibility of your approach, how you handle the material, so delicate and genuine:)
    Specially the small paper-mäché objects and you as part of the artworks, Bravo!

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