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Hello, everybody!

My name is Liza Odinokikh. I am an artist from St. Petersburg, Russia. This week I am joining the SPAR virtual studio. I am happy to be here among artists from all over the world. I would like to share my art with you and see what others are creating during our remote residency.

My home studio

So let me begin by telling you slightly about the project I started in February. It`s called “The obsessive forms”.

This project allows exploring the hidden forms of the subconscious. I called them obsessive. These forms are annoying attempts of the subconscious to get out and change the usual rhythm. They are like dark spots that arise from looking at the sun for a long time. By projecting attention on themselves, they obscure the overall picture.

Working process

Day by day, as we carefully draw the pattern of our lives, we may not notice how these spots break through to the surface, covering the carefully worked pattern and radically changing it.

One of the mediums that I choose for this project was tempera painting. Reproduction of repetitive patterns on canvas became a kind of meditation for me. Besides, the monotonous process of drawing is a way to calm the rampage of the subconscious. This practice allows skipping through time and feeling it in a new way, being in the moment of action. As a result, humility with adjustments that we are powerless to control.

Liza Odinokikh, Forms №1, 2020, tempera on canvas, 100 x 120 cm

During my stay at the virtual studio, I would like to introduce you to the creating of another part of my project – sculptures. I’ll try to show you the whole process from beginning to end.

Stay tuned and have a great day!

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