The new rituals. Fernanda Olivares, Mexico City

I am Fernanda Olivares, visual artist based in Mexico City. I have a BFA in Fine Arts and have been exploring constantly worldwide for having a broader vision and understanding of contemporary art and society. My work is mostly painting and I have several drawing and printmaking processes too. My main focus has been on the possibilities of dance and ritual in our collective and individual body. For many years I danced, so I merge part of both worlds in painting. Before the pandemic I worked with folklore Mexican Dancers called “the Flyers” and in the other hand, with the Het National Ballet in Holland. My attention goes always in color, movement and the “magical” aesthetics of costume on stage during the ritual of performing. I am glad to be part of SPAR virtual residency, I am looking forward to sharing and knowing this great community worldwide.

5 thoughts on “The new rituals. Fernanda Olivares, Mexico City

  1. Dear Fernanda, You are welcome!
    Please tell us about your “dance studies” and about printmaking too 🙂

    I like your neon photo portrait: nice tints and light/darkness balance!

    1. Of course, I´ll also write about traditional folklore dances in Mexico and how my work shifted from ballet to that.
      Thank you! I am looking forward to knowing more about your work too.

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