Star Trauth-Artist

Dancing Toward a Closer Moon, Detail, 2021

As an art student I would line up with my counterparts an relearn writing, painting, and construction, in the conventionally established ways. Sitting with my work, viewing the work around me, it was all an iteration of the same thing. It did not please me to recreate the created.

The purpose of my art is to reconnect me to my experiential roots and set them free in the work. I come from a long line of hoarders. Something I never wanted but it affected me still. Piles of meaningless things bother me. I want to cluster meaningful things and make a beautiful form. 

All material is recycled so I am not the first to touch it, it passed through many hands before I gathered it together as new media and constructed it into my art. As such I think this is why those who gaze thoughtfully into the pieces comment they want to touch or even taste the pieces, they are reaching back to those who were there before. We are sharing an experience, a history.

Cityscape, 2018, Artist’s Collection

“These compositions are my artistic gesture. With them I am have a conversation with the audience that no one else is having.” 
—Star Trauth

  1. Liza Ordinartceva

    Welcome to the platform! I’m eager to learn more about your work!

    1. Star Trauth

      Thank You.

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