Rexy Tseng (TW) Two Men in a Jungle, 2017-2019

Rexy Tseng. Two men in a jungle. 2017
Rexy Tseng. Summer heat. 2019
Rexy Tseng. Two men in a jungle II. 2019

Rexy Tseng comments on his work in relation to the Mind the Gap theme:

Reacting to the concept of a gap, the exhibiting works demonstrate the tensions between two entities. In “Two Men in a Jungle”, the work portrays two businessmen in the midst of bowing situated in a jungle background. The action can be interpreted as a sign of respect, reconciliation, or compromise. The gap between the two is an emotional charged space that may lead to something new or a resolution of a prior conflict. The gap is then an artificial distance, a security barrier, a ceasefire, an invitation to relationship, and a push-pull of powers. In “Summer Heat”, the work shows the closing of a gap; it is agitated, unstable, and even violent. It captures the reverse emotions of “Two Men in a Jungle”, as two entities seek to overcome the space between them with force. It is still a push-pull of powers, but one that demonstrates the proprietorship of the gap rather than a mutual distancing.

Rexy Tseng

Rexy Tseng is a visual artist based in Taipei, Taiwan. His multi-media art practice visualizes the emotive and explores themes of contemporary living. His visual works often attempt to circumvent two-dimensional space, experimenting with color composition and geometric form. He holds a BFA in Fine Art from Carnegie Melon University (Pennsylvania, USA) where he also received a minor in robotics. He has exhibited internationally and currently lives and works in Taipei (Taiwan).

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