Research and composition, Sveta Nosova

I’m interested in trying different materials. Look for expressiveness in black and white and color compositions. Work on canvas and paper, with a brush and felt-tip pen. To achieve larger compositions, I use a cardboard cutout shape. They are easy to carry (they are very light) and can be mounted on the wall, creating different panels from the same elements, luxurious or ascetic, depending on the mood.

Trio. Oil on canvas, acrylic, felt-tip pen, 35×35, 2020
Yellow dot. Oil on canvas, acrylic, felt-tip pen, 40х60, 2019

Panel at the exhibition of the SVOI art group “Synchronized Swimming”. 2020 Museum of Nonconformism. St. Petersburg.

A series of compositions. Coloring book for adults and children. Felt-tip pen on paper. 2021

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