‘Reprimere’ – to repress or suppress. Ciana Fitzgerald




  1. present active infinitive of reprimō

reprimō (present infinitive reprimere)

> I repress

I’ve been focusing primarily on painting for the past while due to upcoming exhibitions, but quarantine has given me the time and space to delve back into my video art practice again, something I’ve been pining for a long time.

This piece titled ‘Reprimere’ was made some time ago, but I feel it’s relevance today through the themes of isolation, lonliness, contemplation and mental health. It was filmed while I was living in Berlin, in the U-Bahn station Heidelberger Platz, my favourite underground station in the city. I wanted to film in an empty public space, so each night I went down to the station at 12.55am five minutes before the closing time of 1am when it was curiously quiet. It was very difficult to film empty public spaces back then, now it’s the bizarre new norm. My film work is infused with ambiguous symbolism, I usually do not provide direct meaning and/or thought process behind my video work before I hear the viewer’s own interpretation as I enjoy personal meanings of importance a viewer might derive from it, but I’d be more than happy to elaborate on the context if requested! Stay safe X

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