Red, Ian Hartley

This is a painting created through the idea of shapes, but I also wanted each shape to be blended into one another.

3 thoughts on “Red, Ian Hartley

  1. Hi, Ian,
    It looks really peasant! Could you tell more about the shapes’ interaction idea?

    I thought about spreadsheet and cells… I suppose that the structure of perpendicular intersecting lines is the most characteristic symbol of contradiction in painting: it shows the basic flatness of a vertical hung canvas. In declarative, hinting or unconscious ways.
    What do you think?

    1. Hi Nazar,

      Thank you for the links to the paintings. I would say it has the same characteristics as a spreadsheet and cells as with declarative, hinting, and unconscious ways. When working on Red I tried to make each shape look like it was faded, and was working with the abstract. I appreciate your time looking over my work, and if there are more paintings you’d like to show me that would be great.

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