Crimson/Blue, Ian Hartley

Hello, my name is Ian Hartley. I am new to the residency program, and I’m excited to share my work. Crimson/Blue was created with the idea of trying to creating something with dark colors. At the time I was thinking of shapes such as work by Mark Rothko, and I wanted to exhibit feelings through the use of both shapes and colors.

3 thoughts on “Crimson/Blue, Ian Hartley

  1. Dear Ian, so glad to see your works!
    I like the chilly and autumn mood… I see speed and dynamics, wind, and – a standing in night room monitor turned on but muted.

    You can get to know with the project of our resident Tiberio De la Garza – follow the link
    But Tiberio’s art is more on a religious theme: about the faith of a person and the display of stories in a new form. Is the spiritual interpretation near for the canvases’ series? If I understand the title correctly, we can talk rather about formalists tradition, can we?

    Is it oil on canvas by the way, am I right? What is its size?

    1. Hi Nazar,

      Thank you for the comment and the link to Tiberio De la Garza. The painting Crimson/Blue is 12×16 with oil paint. I would say Crimson/Blue would be more of a spiritual interpretation, such as being able to use colors to strike emotion, and I would be interested in discussing formalists tradition. I appreciate your time looking at my work.

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