On the Unknown… Agathe Simon

We are a 100+ persons from 27 countries, from Russia to Argentina, from Tasmania to Iceland. As you can guess, even if we live in very different places and cultures, all of us are in confinement at the moment. So, above all, we are sending you – from all over the world – our best wishes for both health and serenity, for you and for your loved ones.

When gathering was still an option…
© Sébastien Lemaire, 2019

Known as ‘The Group‘, our international art company, founded in 2017, is open to all. We reinvent our lives through artistic and humanistic projects, created by Agathe Simon since 2017, after a decade of residencies around the world (including 2 SPAR residencies). Simon’s interdisciplinary projects originate in unprecedented human situations, then unfold into performances, films, art installations, and publications.

Our current projects are dedicated to the Unknown, including 95 % of the Unknown, an immersive experimental evening, and Trilogy of Earth, a film on the theme of ancestors. We will soon begin a new art project devoted to the Big Bang in partnership with astrophysicists of the Astroparticle and Cosmology Laboratory (APC) in Paris, France.

95 % of Unknown
© Sébastien Lemaire, 2019

Feel free to join us if you would like to be part of our collective adventure!

  1. Cynthia Fusillo

    Oh my gosh Agathe..this is infinitely interesting to me. I travel as much as I can creating with indigenous Nature of the ‘place”…I love staying in artist-residencies and I have done several. I am from N.Y. but I have been living Spain for the past 18 years. I will join this endeavour.
    thank you

    1. Avatar photo
      Agathe Simon

      Thank you for your kind words and welcome to our collective adventure, Cynthia!

  2. Neerajj Mittra

    Dear Agathe Simon
    Greetings. It’s very heartening to see amazing creative expressions of myriad artists from all over the world on this beautiful creative boulevard of art created by St. Petersburg Art Residency. It’s a very positive, powerful and progressive step towards keeping art and creativity flowing around the world in evolving times. I am writing this message to you in solidarity as an artist for creating synergy of artistic expressions where we all create to share, care and nurture the world with Art from Heart. I am overwhelmed by thousands of passionate artworks , each a unique style, each a unique sentiment I have seen since April 27 the day I joined St Petersburg Virtual Art Residency. I am amazed and enchanted and as an artist I express my heartfelt admiration of your artworks you have shared during this period.i love the concept of THE UNKNOW art and science go hand in hand.its impressive
    . I am staying home and creating artworks with my muse (the horse) and me. I would like this creative synergy to continue nurturing passions and creativity around the world… Let’s all keep creating and sharing our artworks for creating a happy world of billion smiles.
    I have my muse, I have Me
    I remain
    Neerajj Mittra
    Visual artist, New Delhi, India

    1. Iara Abreu

      Magnificent your work, as magnificent everything I have seen here in this artistic virtual corridor which is the SPAR Residency Virtual / São Petersburgo. Art and science go together … we are in a moment of uniting art with science, literature, in short, everything that magnifies the human being. Very good to have access to so many great artists. Thanks to Anastasia Patsey for this opportunity and beautiful curation that you are doing.

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