Memorial – Nanda Raemansky

A hidden borderpassage at Heille (NL). So hidden they forgot to close it.

It is unclear whether my grandmother died while being infected with COVID-19. There was an outbreak in the residential care centre, 26 of the 34 people living there where tested positive. My grandmothers test had failed, so there was no conclusion in that. As a result she was treated as a carrier of the virus.

Today (11-05-2020) my grandmother would have become 94 years old. I miss her.

She was not to be laid out and because it was so busy, due to the pandemic, we had to wait 2 days after the funeral service for the interment of the urn.

Peace, love and unity on the border at Sluis (NL) but just not right now.

During the service we all had to sit separate from each other. Only 15 people where permitted to attend the service.

Borderpassage Middelburg (BE)

Afterwards we had to leave the funeral home immediately, left without the opportunity to condole together decently, to be separated once again by the border.

Raemansky © 2020

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    Cynthia Fusillo

    My sincerest regards to you. a beautiful memorial…

    1. Nanda Raemansky

      Thank you Cynthia

  2. Ciana Fitzgerald

    My deepest condolences to you and my thoughts are with you at this time.. My grandfather also passed away recently from a flu like illness, it wasn’t confirmed that it was because of covid as he wasn’t tested and it was right before lockdown when rigorous testing was carried out. I’m deeply saddened to hear of your loss, I hope that you and your family can find some peace at this difficult time. Sending love

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    Hello Ciana, thank you for your kind and considered reply. I am very sorry to here that you yourself have also lost a loved one during this pandemic. I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to you and your family. It is very painfull and sad when a loved one parts from us, but during this pandemic situation it becomes especially hard, when those loved ones are turned into anonymous numbers on the news and mourning for them in the traditional way is being considerably disturbed by the coronameasures. I hope that dispite the impact of the measures to our personal lives you and your family have been able to find a way to be there for each other.

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