Joanna Ellmann (EST) Poems, 2020

We are forgetting things. In everyday life and in history. Gaps between generations, gaps between ages. Have I eaten today? What I did yesterday, remembering who we are, but not exactly, remembering childhood but not yesterdays weather. Knowing everything about what is happening far away but nothing about, what is happening by your side. Gaps between physical and metaphysical worlds, gaps between language and thoughts. Maybe gaps are existing cause through them we could find a way to freedom. Maybe all gaps are not so bad at all. Maybe they are giving us new way to look the world.

Joanna Ellmann

Joanna Ellmann is a freelance writer based in Tallinn, Estonia. A graduate of the University of Tartu program in Literature and Culture Studies, she has written books, poetry and critical works. She also participates in public performances such as poetry readings, exhibitions, and other multi-genre collaborations.

2 thoughts on “Joanna Ellmann (EST) Poems, 2020

  1. Forgetting is a very important thing to maintain the ones that are in power to continue having as much power as its possible for them to get.
    The only thing that is able to lead to freedom – anything that we could call freedom- is the memory.

    1. Yes, i agree with this memory part.
      The thing what is good with gaps is, that they are giving us new solutions. Like this virtual exhibition for example. 🙂

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