Introducing the SPAR team: Nazar Niazmetov

My name is Nazar, I am the coordinator and the hospitality manager of SPAR. For several years I have been helping residents in adjusting and establishment of the creative work in St. Petersburg. Also, I coordinate art exhibitions of residents.

I study art history and museum management, but cultural institutions in Russia have been closed to the public for almost a month. No projecting, no openings. Art is available only at home while I am painting and in web when I am working.

The pandemic has finally moved us into the strange territory of code, at least for a while. And the SPAR Virtual residency is my personal resistant to the new isolationism and “closing the borders”.

4 thoughts on “Introducing the SPAR team: Nazar Niazmetov

  1. Hi Nazar..happy to meet least this pandemic and “virtual” situation has allowed me to meet some very lovely and interesting people. Maybe we are planting seeds for future times.

    1. Dear Cynthia,
      That’s true! I’m surprising how near are all my favorite artists and brands: watercolor workshops on Instagram live and funny talks with curators via YouTube translations are very good!
      Hope this will help us in future 🙂

  2. Thanks Nazar for your introduction! The SPAR Virtual residency is a very smart idea right now. It is interesting to see how cultural institutions and art organisations are reacting, and rethinking their approach through all this, around the world.

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