Introducing the SPAR team: Liza Ordinartceva

Hello everyone!

So I’m taking over the initiative after Anastasia in introducing our small SPAR team, and here I am (to be honest, focusing on off-work sides to keep it informal).

I’m Liza, SPAR project coordinator. I joined the team in 2013 and since 2015 I work both for SPAR and for the Museum of nonconformist art (both are located in and belong to the Pushkinskaya-10 art centre).

I studied art history and theory, so I never practiced any art (apart from ballet during school years). But now in isolation I started having a longing for some manual work so I’m considering the idea of going into some pottery when the isolation ends (I had been attending pottery classes for two years in primary school and loved it, but had to give it up for ballet). I am a theatre lover (mostly drama and ballet) and I guess this season (Sept 2019 – March 2020) before the shutdown I visited the greatest number of performances ever, as St. Petersburg hosted the Theatre Olympics and then me had Jan Fabre festival, and so on.

My other hobby is archaeology, that started with Uni practice and turned into a perfect way to spend a vacation being totally switched off from gadgets and city life, as my expedition camp is located on the Black sea cost a few km from any civilization and we live in tents there. I have a strong hope the situation will get enough back to normal by August for my archeological season to happen this year also.

(Yeah, archaeology is not only about digging out ancient stuff – in our case, Greek – but also about having fun with friends).

The only thing I collect is sea water: I bring it home from every sea I visit in the smallest and prettiest bottle I find.

Thank you for reading to know me!

5 thoughts on “Introducing the SPAR team: Liza Ordinartceva

  1. Liza..nice to meet you…It seems to me that you are an artist…the collecting of sea water in small bottles I find incredibly poetic..a kind of haiku…
    and archeology is such a fascinating practice. I hope you can attend the camp expedition in August. I would love to hear about it.

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