Keys in the trees, Rosetta Allan

Introduction: Rosetta Allan, Writer

Hello, fellow artists around the globe at this troubled time of COVID-19. I am a writer of fiction, so far, historical fiction. I spent a wonderful time in residence in SPAR back in 2016, where I began my second novel ‘The Unreliable People’. This novel was about the exile of the entire community of Koryo-saram by Stalin in 1937 and the effect the significant intergenerational trauma it caused a young woman in art school in St Petersburg in 1992. Currently, I am writing a novel based in provincial NZ, set in the 80s at a time when a massive change occurred politically that both saved our country from bankruptcy, but also changed the lives of people on the ground. And it is always the people these times affect that I am interested in writing about.

New Zealand is currently in the last of four weeks of lockdown, and our curve has dipped, but not disappeared, so we may be here a little longer. I am a writer, so being shut away from the business of social connection means that I get more work done. I am at home with my husband and adult son with his enormous dog. Walks are a highlight of the day and the treasures we find.

School Park at the end of our road where we walk the dog. Autumn lights
Easter treasure hand-painted by children in one of the houses of our street. Look, but don’t touch. We wave at each other through the window.
Jon, the adult son. Always makes me laugh.
Keys in the trees. Summer leaves blow away, and the keys become visible. They look like they’ve been there all winter, thrown away in anger perhaps, then not found, and now, slowly they reveal themselves, useless for anything but a good story.

I hope your day is lovely. I look forward to seeing your work and stories here on this virtual space. Thank you once again, SPAR. X

2 thoughts on “Keys in the trees, Rosetta Allan

  1. So peaceful atmosphere in New Zealand! I’m dreaming to visit this place since I’ve read “In Search of the Castaways” by Jules Verne.

  2. Dear Rosetta,
    Thank you for sharing these moments and welcome to our virtual community! Those keys reminded me of our trip to Nevsky Pyatachok back when you were writer-in-residence at SPAR. Now, during the shutdown I finally have short times lots for “pleasure” reading and I started with “Unreliable People”!
    Did the current crisis affect your work in any way?

    Warm greetings,

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