In isolation in Barcelona, Cynthia Fusillo

Hello everyone, I am happy to connect with other artists during this time or Any time really. It is nice to meet you. I enjoy seeing what other artists are doing around the world.   

I usually do ephemeral installations in my studio (where I also live). They take me a day to create and I leave them up for only a few days then I take them down. For me it is a great way to practice, “letting go”. Here are a few I have done in the past week or so. (we have been quarantined for a month so far)

  1. Liza Ordinartceva

    Dear Cynthia, nice to meet you! Your installations look great and also I find the practice of “letting go” utterly important, as there often is a very tricky desire to save something that was originally meant to be fleeting.

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      Cynthia Fusillo

      Liza! thank you. Yes, it is so good for me to create and let go. I feel it gives me even more freedom .

  2. Marielle van den Bergh

    Hi Cynthia,
    I like your work and it looks like a diary, a from day to day work about how you feel and think… The bodies look so 3-dimensional, especially the legs and feet. Your lock down is worse than ours, we can go outside, although limited. We, in the Netherlands, get also news about Spain, each day. Mels, my husband and I, wish you a lot of energy, strength and creativity in this crisis.
    Art Power!

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      Cynthia Fusillo

      Marielle…thank you..You are exactly right . These pieces are a diary. In fact, I put a lot of writing in my pieces a lot. Diaries of women interest me. Some years ago I was in a women’s poetry group in Santa Fe, New Mexico…I included the women and their poems in many installations.

  3. Amalia Gil-Merino

    Hola Cynthia!
    Like your approach of”Letting go” and it is during the lock down almost an act of courage. I don’t know how you make it but it looks completely organic and real.

    Are you Spanish like me? Here in Germany the quarantine was not so strict as in Spain. So the day I saw on the news that my family and friends could go out even for a short time, suddenly I started to cry because I was so happy for the people we love. So I let go too.

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