SPAR VIRTUAL RESIDENCY 2, spring 2020, Mariëlle van den Bergh

April 11, 2020

We’re still on the Dutch Wadden Island of Terschelling. Almost every day we take a long walk or make a bicycle trip. We have visited the Wadden Islands regularly for years, but we never saw the place as quiet, even desolate, as it is now.

24 maart overzicht
25 maart
26 maart overzicht

Many Dutch followed our Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s instructions to stay at home. So most of the tourists stay away. When the Corona pandemic became serious, we already were here, and we extended our stay because our home region of Brabant was the most serious Corona hot spot in the country.

29 Maart overzicht
30 Maart
1 april

In the mean time, our work went on. It took me quite a few hours exercising my calligraphy to get the hang of it again. On our walks we take pictures of the landscape, which were a starting point for my brush drawings, using India Ink and rice paper.

2 april overzicht
4 april
3 april overzicht

I try out various painting techniques and change the way I handle the brush. The last series of drawings were made outside, sitting on the beach, en plein air with my painting stuff, and using rubber bands to fasten the paper to a piece of cardboard.

8 april, buiten tekenen
It’s still a bit chilly…

  1. Liza Ordinartceva

    Dear Mariëlle, thank you for sharing! The pic of you drawing on the beach is so peaceful! How cold is it? Is it windy?

    1. Marielle van den Bergh

      These Wadden islands have always a lower temperature than the mainland of the Netherlands. I think last week it was maybe 20 degrees there and we had 10 or 12 degrees on Terschelling. On the beach it is usually windy as well. But the landscape is pristine, so beautiful. Air is unpolluted and life is less a hassle as in our urban home situation, Eindhoven. For an artist this corona lock down at Terschelling is not bad at all. Time to focus on art and to cycle or walk around at the island and enjoy the landscape.

  2. Avatar photo
    Anastasia Patsey

    Dear Mariëlle,
    Thank you for sharing the drawings, I liked them a lot. They feel so natural and calm. The ones from April 1st look like reflections in water. A river? Lake? Puddle?
    Also — so lovely to see you on the beach! A warm hug.

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