Hello! I’m Michele Kishita, Philadelphia, PA, USA

I’m so excited to be participating in the SPAR Virtual Residency! I was at SPAR in May/June 2018, and it was a wonderful, life-changing experience. I’m looking forward to the day that COVID is under control and I can return to beautiful St. Petersburg.

Welcome to my new studio! I just moved-in this past May in the middle of lockdown, which was really stressful, but I love the space and the other artists in the building, so it was worth it. Soon I’ll post some images of my paintings and an installation project on which I’m working, but until then, please have a look at my website and view some images from my SPAR Residency below!

Below are two pieces I completed while at the residency, along with the concept behind the pieces. The images are the result of a video I made with my friend Pasha Meskhiev aka Norkus.

Confluence is my experiential response to the visual complexities of St. Petersburg: the rivers and waterways that have carved passages throughout the city and the many electrical and phone wires that crisscross the sky. Physically they facilitate transportation and link one building to another but they are also metaphorically representative of the coming together of people and ideas both locally and abroad. I created in layers over photos I had taken around the city, compressing several ideas into each digital drawing, exploring the waterways, architecture, connections, and (of course as a foreigner) both my admiration of and discomfort in a place so very different from my own.

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    Loved the concept! Looking forward to see your work. 🙂

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      Michele Kishita

      Thanks so much Riddhi! Happy to be here with you!

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    Crystal Marshall

    Welcome back, lovely studio. The digital drawings are very beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your work.

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      Michele Kishita

      Thank you Crystal! I love being part of this group!

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    Anastasia Patsey

    Hi, Michele! We’re so happy to see you here 🙂 WHAT AN AMAZING STUDIO SPACE! Looks like a powerful working vibe in there. Where is it located? Is it a studio complex or some other kind of space?
    It was nice to look back at your works from St. Petersburg. Miss you and sending all the best wishes from our team and P10!

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      Michele Kishita

      Thanks Anastasia! I really miss everyone at SPAR and being in St. Petersburg–I can’t wait to return. This space is in the MaKen Studios building and there are artists, musicians, craftsmen, along with some interesting businesses like a Mead maker! It’s really nice to be part of a creative community. This building is located in the Kensington/Harrowgate section of Philadelphia, which is about a 15 minute drive from my house. Thanks for including me in this exciting opportunity!

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