FaceTime X Quarantine

During this time, I’ve met a lot of people from different continents, visited unknown people. Usually. I don’t take pictures at home with strangers. Some of the people are my close friends, whom I will not see for a long time, and during this time their life will greatly change, for example, a child will be born. And now it’s the only way to make it real – a FaceTime photoshoot.

There’re some concerns because it’s a new method. The result (pictures) may become a transition, as before, from painting to a daguerreotype, from a daguerreotype to a film of photography, a film of photography to digital..

This would probably mean that we will need more powerful routers and better cameras on smartphones to meet and capture each other that way.

Alexandra, Memmingen

My good friend is expecting a baby who’s going appear very soon. I can’t be by her in Germany to hold a traditional pregnancy photoshoot and especially hug her. I feel pain and sorrow, but we can use FaceTime.

Ivan, Riga

This way I met chief editor of the “Meduza” Ivan Kolpakov.
If it weren’t for the pandemic, I don’t think that we would meet and take some pictures.

Anastasiia, Paris

I met a very interesting girl Nastya, who lives in Paris and works as brand managers in Latual. Cool to visit the city of dreams and immediately in the perfect apartment.

Liliya, Washington

Using FaceTime, I managed to visit another continent and touch a different culture of communication.

Maria, Tel-Aviv

I really miss my small homeland. It’s good that Maria turned to me, and I was able to plunge into the aesthetics of Israeli apartments for at least an hour. I not only saw the beautiful Israeli light from the window, but also heard the sounds of numerous construction projects. The good news is that the country continues its formation.

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