Wedding on my window

I’m a wedding photographer for over 11 years. Now in St. Petersburg it’s forbidden to hold classic wedding celebrations with guests and walks. I miss my couples who’re waiting for their holiday. I miss the emotions of the mutual love between bride and groom. So, I decided not to suffer alone, but to arrange at least a couple of weddings on my window.

Kira&Danya in the garden. See what their eyes are in love.

Kate&Valery. Secret wedding in the forests of Bavaria.

4 thoughts on “Wedding on my window

  1. I understand how you feel. Like you, I miss my artistic meetings, visiting galleries, museums, cultural spaces and friends’ exhibitions. I also miss meeting in bars for a chat. So I made image 11 to honor everyone mainly those who work with art, photography etc., and that in this confinement “are watching the city through the window…

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