COLOR ME BLUE Amalia Gil-Merino

How artists create art? This is an interesting question and quite frankly difficult to answer, because art has a visual language. We artists work often in some kind of isolation. During this lockdown, we can contemplate works we have already done and change their context, their original meaning. I can reconsider their existence as well as mine. The sculptures presented in “BLUE MY MIND” along lakes and forests, were created from scratch beforehand.
I present here the original context, inspired mainly by poems (The song of the pirate” by Espronceda, fairy tales or rock songs (The ear by “La oreja de Van Gogh”) and how they take another entity in nature, both honest and genuine, both delicate and strong. They are, I suppose, a mirror of how I feel during these unreal times.

“The song of the pirate” came into my mind, a Spanish poem by José de Espronceda dedicated to the marginalized society, as a sign of protest: “What is my boat? My treasure; who is my God? the freedom; My law is the air’s strength; My only homeland, the sea. Sail, my sailboat, without any fear; that neither enemy ship, nor storm nor bonanza, your course will break, nor eclipse your courage” I think it really found the wing to be free and wild!

The kiss that breaking the air became a sigh   (Poem Metamorfosis by Luis Gonzaga Urbina translated from spanish)

“It was a captive kiss in love of a snowy hand, which had the appearance of a fainted lily and the throbbing of a bird in agony. And it happened that one day, that soft hand of cirio paleness, lily languor, bird throbbing, approached the kiss so much, that could no longer be able to be, the poor prisoner. So he escaped; but, with fickle twist, ran away his hand to the far end, and the kiss that flew behind his hand, breaking the air, he turned to sigh”

I was really lucky that the dandelion came along to kiss the kiss:)

I hear what the stone sings is like that song of “La Oreja de Van Gogh”:

“Tell me in your ear, very slowly and very short, why it has so much light this dark day.” The sleeping sky stopped the time in your kiss. Tell me in my ear, who knows that moment, when that was just a dream. Tell me where your fears sleep, if you still keep your caresses in the memory box.” I wonder if this song was written nearby:)

Down, down into the Ocean….the little mermaid (Christian Anderson) got lost deep deep into the forest

Next time I will share with you the making process with the materials

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    Cynthia Fusillo

    Thank you Amalia! These pieces are very seductive and amazing. It is true that while in lockdown artists can take another look or perspective on work already made. I am doing this myself by combining old with new, altering a bit or putting it in another context.
    I appreciate your work on many different levels….the materiality of the work, the juxtaposition in nature and the marriage with text(poems) ..It takes it to a different level.
    thank you
    I am looking forward to hearing about your process with the materials.

    1. Avatar photo
      Amalia Gil-Merino

      Yes Cythia, you are definetly right with old and new, memories and dreams, past and future. You and me see the present like a pendule between the timeless and visions.
      Will do. Thank you for your appreciation. Poems are loneline souls; during this quarentine they are a conforting support and inspirational source:)

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    Nazar Niazmetov

    Dear Amalia,
    Your sculptures are fantastic sensual!

    “Got lost deep deep into the forest”…
    Did you leave the sculptures in the places for few days, forever – or it was one time intervention into another context?

    I suppose that “non finito” helps us accept and appreciate what we have. I think this important (though probably accidental) find by Michelangelo and developed by Rodin pushes us to think about such different beauty.
    (What I mean –

    It is curious to get to know more about your technique, please explain!

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      Amalia Gil-Merino

      Great insightful point of view Nazar!!
      We all love the non finito because somehow it represents the infinite, while the finished work is often very elaborated, with a lack of spontaneity and authenticity.
      You are right with leaving the sculptures there for days and hoping they would transform themselves within the nature.
      Today I saw a “Snake of Stones” along the river: it was a beautiful snake made with different stones painted by children. Funny that everybody looked at them as if by doing so you can make a wish:)

  3. Liza Odinokikh


    Your objects are magical! They look like artifacts that give a special force to their holders.

    Great job!

    1. Avatar photo
      Amalia Gil-Merino

      Thanks Liza,
      This is actually the feeling I was hooping to wake up on you!

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    Hello Amalia,
    Wonderful work. I feel like the natural surrounding really brings these sculptures alive as if they had always belonged there.

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