City Lights, Julia Dubovyk

City Lights, work in progress, acrylic on canvas

The main topic of my works is the Light, artificial light that we can control ourselves.
I would like to share my first painting (still in progress) of the new series “City Lights”… Every late evening I enjoy a gorgeous view from my apartment, where I can see all those sparkling city lights and remind myself again and again that this life is vibrant, colorful, and beautiful…
After more than a month of staying at home locked down, we should be focused on something positive and like those colorful reflections of lights, our beautiful dreams, plans, and hope should be present in our minds no matter what is going on right now.

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    Nazar Niazmetov

    Yes, you are right – we should be positive even understanding all the troubles!
    I like your art work, it seems cosmic and at the same time very decorative. Acrylic is also ambiguous: water colors’ streaks, pasty smear and smooth colored surfaces as if printed…
    Do you do sketches before painting?

    1. Julia Dubovyk

      Thank you, Nazar! Yes, usually I do sketches on paper before some big projects or oil paintings on canvas but this artwork was spontaneous and actually is still in progress. I had an idea in my mind and I knew the topic but started to paint on the blank canvas without any previous sketches or studies.

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