Art can connect all of us, Roberta Orlando

Today, we see how art and technology help us to get together, despite distance and time. We can also see it here, at the SPAR Virtual Studio. In the previous weeks, I dusted off my synthesizers and audio equipment, playing more than usual. Then I found out about a sound art project by Alan Nakagawa at the OCMA – Orange County Museum of Art, US. So I joined the initiative, which gathered hundreds of people from around the globe. 

Beginning of April. Lombardy, Italy. 

Thinking about haiku and sound, I wanted to look for a very simple image, regarding collaboration and teamwork. In particular, the relevance of them in today’s society.

Watch the world, my friend. We are all on the same boat. We need each other.

More information are available here: Social Distance, Haiku, and You: Sound Collage Public Collaboration with Alan Nakagawa, and OCMA’s SoundCloud.

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    Cynthia Fusillo

    perfect background for a haiku(one of my favourite forms of poetry!)

    1. Roberta Orlando

      Thank you, Cynthia!

  2. Juan Dies

    Hi Roberta, I’m enjoying listening to the city soundtrack, the mix of your, sometimes, spooky voices, wishes as “coronavirus, stay away from me..”, little but relevant reflections and social awareness missives… very inspirational. Thanx!

    1. Roberta Orlando

      Hello Juan Dies, Thanks very much for your comment. Only one haiku is made by me. The track combines multiple recordings from people around the world, and you can find more information about Alan Nakagawa’s work here:

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    Anastasia Patsey

    Thank you for introducing this project. Very impressive and captivating soundscapes!

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