Quarantine sketchbook vol.2, Elizaveta Ostapenko

Coming back with the second part of my Quarantine Sketchbook. You can find the first part of the project together with its context described here.

If you want to find out more about my work, please have a look at my introductory post or visit my Instagram page – @liza__ostapenko.

Have a great day and take care of yourself!

All paintings are made with acrylic or gouache paint on 14,5 x 20,5 cm sketchbook paper sheets.

5 thoughts on “Quarantine sketchbook vol.2, Elizaveta Ostapenko

  1. I should say that despite their rather small size the works feel in a way monumental. Could you tell a couple of words about the second and third images? What do they depict?

    1. I like to keep my paintings on the edge of figuration and abstraction, so the viewers don’t always know for sure what are they looking at. I would be even more curious to know what do you think they are 🙂 But partly answering your question – they are all based on the found street situations, for example, children’s playground or incidental compositions of objects.

      1. I was thinking something similar. This careful balancing between recognisable elements and an abstract composition is what fastens our attention. We unwillingly analyse the images, but just before our brain seizes what they could be, they kind of slip away.
        For example the last image — it could be a large-scale architectural construction or just a small detail at the same time.

        1. The concept of a scale is also interesting. The paintings above are primarily based on cropping from larger compositions. It could be also interesting to bring them to a big canvas format or even crop them again. This is definitely a new direction to explore.

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