Art and Healing

Star Trauth-Artist

Immolations are hand and heat manipulated fiber made from paper and plastic waste. Individually they are so unique, that sometimes I hold one back for my own collection.

The soft sculpture or fiber assemblage, is comprised of those individual pieces. As a mass the single immolations become unimportant. 

The communion of components gathers to capture the gaze and form a conversation with the viewer. When presented, the three dimensional perspective beckons the viewer-come close and see.

The practice is rooted in nature and in innovation. I’m inspired by nature; fungi, undulating waves, sunsets, clouds, the moon. Achieving the end result; recycled items to felt-like material, sculpting and assembling, freestanding or hung art, is where the innovation comes into practice.

I get hung up on everything meaning something so I don’t want my art to be meaningless. As an abstract artist I have no interest in recreating what is already there. I respect those that do. But I’d rather create an abstract visual narrative. 

During my treatment and recovery art still called to me, sometimes a whisper and sometimes a scream. I yearned to be something other than a patient, I still do. So I tried as soon as I was able to pick up the blow torch and do just a little bit. My expectations were low. I was surprised and satisfied that the immolations looked like bones. I’m always pleased when soft sculpture looks like something completely unexpected. It was a small offering but a satisfying one.

I think sometimes the audience will view abstract works and think it’s somehow easier and/or meaningless.  It’s the opposite if you take the time to look. At times, a single stroke can say more than a whole landscape. The abstract artist’s voice is still a voice and often a more complicated voice than the realist artist because you have to listen more closely.

“ The one thing that never left was art.”

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