«Your cashier’s check» Katerina Muravuova

Now I am working on a project – consumer basket “Your cashier’s check.” This project is a logical continuation and development of my project “Cash Machine (2016).

The topic with which I work – modernity, a new consumer basket, a portrait of time, research of the culture of consumption and dependencies. The conceptual landmarks in my works are the subjects and images that characterize modernity. The project is about the place of man in the world, about the choice he makes every day, discounts, about the action and eternal values. The check at the exit of the supermarket becomes an object of art, an imprint of living standards. Continuing to work on the topic of portrait sketches exploring the sphere of food, the artist from the image of products goes into the documentation of the image of checks, which tons remain from our purchases in supermarkets. Now the portrait can be drawn independently, having studied thoroughly the content of the check.

How to describe a portrait of modernity, can you use a check from a grocery store to do this? Can a check be one of the main images of time? Can you compare a food basket filled with checks from shopping networks with portrait galleries of modern times?

to be continued…

2 thoughts on “«Your cashier’s check» Katerina Muravuova

  1. Dear Katerina,
    Thank you for the introduction!

    I like the object – check is an important thing for trading. It is a kind of written confirmation of transaction (which is signed in some countries) and our human history is based on the type of artifacts just as much as on religious and artistic ones. But this “document” is produced usually from cheap material (is so called “thermopaper” cheaper than more regular one, right?). Very strange…

    Will you tell about your technique further? How do you use epoxy resin for the project?

    Waiting for your next posts,
    Nazar 🙂

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