«Your cashier’s check – 2» Katerina Muravuova

An object from series “Your cashier ‘s check” , paper, epoxy resin, 8×15 cm, 2020

A check is a symbol of time, or rather a symbol of outgoing time – the time of tactile sensations. After all, very soon the physical use of the check will stop completely and all sales will be online. Mountains of “paper garbage” will turn into mountains of “digital garbage.”

Each check by the author is perceived as a complete unique snow-white fragile architectural form covered with graphic symbols and meanings. “My cheques are almost entirely snow-white abstract sculptures – giant swept food cheques showing the moment of information erasure/the disappearance of graphic symbols.”

The artist, in an attempt to preserve the documentary nature of the present moment, covers paper checks with epoxy resin and thus removes everything, leaving only some parts – “real pieces of modern times” – not primed.

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    Nazar Niazmetov

    Dear Katerina,
    The text, I believe, was not randomly selected and left on the white plane of the “check”. It reminded me of the text-slicing method practiced by Dadaists and some writers like Burroughs.
    You can find a illustrated example what I mean here:как-и-зачем-я-открываю-для-себя-дадаизм-или-кто-же-изобрел-метод-нарезок-db5b21d198d7

    Thank you for your activity!

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