What we are able to perceive, Andrea Ahuactzin Pintos

In my posts I would like to be  sharing projects that are connected with the perception of the senses in relation to light and sound, by having a main focus in the area of installation and video. I am interested in sharing how these factors can influence the interaction of the spectator with the piece of art. By observing different everyday life activities, such as, talking, listening to music, dancing, among others. I expect to generate an experience where the spectator feels connected with the installation, creating with it a reflexive process.

In this first post I’m going to be sharing three different projects that part from the idea of what we are able to perceive, by having a main focus on the light as a medium. Thinking on how the intensity or color of the light can change the atmosphere of a space. 

Andrea Ahuactzin Pintos “Color movement”, Light installation, 2019

In this project I was exploring ways in which we can perceive the movement of color, for which I used a light source in movement that would cause a double reflection of it. This effect creates an illusion in the eye that can cause some type of confusion which allows the spectator to get immersed in the space. I am interested on seeing how light is an important factor for the color to exist and how this light is the one that can cause the movement inside the color. Because of this I have an interest in knowing how people can interact with the space and their perception of the color.

Andrea Ahuactzin Pintos “eye flash”, video,mp4, stereo 2019
Andrea Ahuactzin Pintos “eye flash”, video,mp4, stereo 2019

In this project I talk about the senses and things we tend to ignore about them. For example, the flashes of light we get to perceive in our eyes when we see a specific point in space. With this I see a correlation between the perception of the light flashes  with different factors, such as: the context you’re inserted in and the sound of the place. For which I made a comparison of two different situations, one in which there are a lot of elements in the space and noise, and another one in which it is really quiet and an open space. With this I got to see the changes in the perception in terms of color and form.

Andrea Ahuactzin Pintos “My perception”, video, 1min, mp4, stereo 2020

In My perception I try to generate a reflection between what is observed and listened. In this way I put the idea of how our perception of things can be altered when the images don’t have a close relation with the sound. In this project I try to use as a base concept what seems like a daily routine, but I play with the use of the light to create different types of atmosphere depending on the activity that is happening. With this I try to see how the perception of a situation can change if it isn’t how you think it is supposed to look or sound, making the point that all our senses are connected between them.

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    Nazar Niazmetov

    Cool combination of minimalistic objects and super-realistic voice acting! It’s confusing and intriguing! Despite the “simplicity” of the forms, there is a strange misunderstanding of the creation technology. Extremely curious!

    I am glad to see you on our platform 🙂

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      Andrea Ahuactzin Pintos

      Thank you so much for your comment! And I’m really happy to be sharing my work here and also learning about other artists and their work. ?

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