This weird strange year is coming to an end now. However the outlook for the coming new year are not so gloomy and quiet somber. There where times I felt absolute demotivated. However I still applied and were searching for projects for to participate next year. Projects which might take place in live within a real world. On-line projects I am considering less and less now, except it’s a subject which interest me or my part of my work would fit in the theme. Furthermore it must give the impression it is well organized with a strong straight forward structure. I am also tired of endless Zoom meetings and conferences. You guess it I am not a big talker and if a meeting on Zoom, Skype or any meeting and conference platforms is not really relevant for a project or could add something useful to a project I just stay out. I only can talk for myself, but most virtual meetings didn’t bring me any further say brought some inspiration or that I could inspired any other virtual participants, neither it helped to get a project from the ground.

However compare to many other artists I was relatively lucky within this weird year. I still were able to travel and to participate at several physical and live projects. It included live performance, installation work and one exhibition. Strange enough it took all place in one country Germany. Of course you have to take precautions, deal and live with regulations, you can not move so free as you were used to it. Furthermore you have to developed a sense were you think….. Ok, until here, but any step further becomes irresponsible in the context of the pandemic. You learn and get a feeling to improvised. Just few days after I finish the last project with two live performances, most countries went again into a lock down. What meant again culture institutions had to close, art projects again called off and so on. We know the story now well enough. However these projects were I could participate in person, push me out of my demotivation and let me go to search and apply for physical and in live projects in the future. Even the outlook for the new year is still gloomy and bleak. Well knowing they might go through or not, maybe called off in the last moment. But nothing is without risks.

Image from the portfolio No More Women's Land. My view at the new year whish has to come
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