Wave translation, Andrea Ahuactzin Pintos

In this post I’ll be sharing a land art project I did, which consists on the translation of the sound waves from a recording I took on the street, to the waves of the water. So I made a structure and imitated the sound of the recording, by putting different weights in each tube depending on the intensity of each wave of the recording. With this piece I’m interested in seeing how I can relate the city to the nature in some way, and how I can translate the noise from the streets to a space where you cannot hear anything but the water flowing with the air and the birds.

On the other hand I also try to see the sculpture as a way of connecting with people. As well as a way of allowing the spectator get fully immersed with the experience of hearing the water being hit by the different weights and by the experience of contemplating the expansion of the waves on the lake.

The idea of this is that any person can sit down and use this sculpture to discover the sound and contemplate the way the waves are formed, giving new possibilities to the sculpture.

Andrea Ahuactzin Pintos 
Wave translation
2m x1 m
Waves of the recording

During the making of this work the idea changed in so many ways, and I consider it is interesting to think how much an idea can evolve until you get to the point you figure out what you want. For which I’ll be sharing some initial sketches and notes on how this was planned, as I want to show a little more on how my creative process looks like.

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