W H A T ?, Laura Salerno. Brazil

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read The Lesbian Body by Monique Wittig

November 13, 2020

W H O, Laura Salerno. Brazil

this text is to be read from the bottom up. the first line is in the bottom and the last line follows:

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So I got curious:

around could give a clue about process and control.
And it got me thinking that to make an inventory of the Bolsonaro’s

has similar problems with different
working from home as artists
might read this, who might be
Makes me think that other people who

might not be other people’s Bolsonaro.
Makes me think that my Bolsonaro

me that I might not know all of them.
Bolsonaros, it becomes clear to
When Nazar writes that there are many

Last post comment:

Nothing is really done by only one.

do not have total control over
To work with others is to be sute that I

people, in groups, collectives, in
since I’ve always worked with other
I’ve been struggling to work by myself,

Who let us think that it is possible to

Why do we need to know?

And why is that?

end up.
It’s hard to not see where things will

It’s hard to not see the end of things.

Life is process.

process. So has everyone else
In fact I’ve been struggling with

I’ve been struggling with the creative

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