URBAN ASPECTS / Quarantine – 15 Iara Abreu

I want to pay tribute here to the front committee, in the fight against covid-19, the health professionals, who fiercely, face this war, to save lives, putting themselves at risk. Many of them were contaminated and many died. They are the doctors and doctors, nurses and nurses, technicians and attendants who work in the area of health, directly with people infected by the virus and do not stop for a single moment, fighting to control the pandemic. They fight the serious disease, they fight with the disinformation of the population, they fight with the lack of basic resources and they fight against our Brazilian federal government that does not favor, hinders and compromises the situation, discouraging the isolation, delays payments and purchases of basic equipment for hospitals and emergency care, such as masks, respirators, etc.; it also makes it difficult to release funds to field hospitals. That is our situation; while many countries are surpassing the moment here we are having a thousand deaths / day on average and the federal government agreeing to agglomerations.

I also point out to the doctors and researchers from all over the world who are dedicating themselves fully and intensely to research in the search for vaccine and cure.


Quero homenagear aqui a comissão de frente, no combate ao covid-19, os profissionais da saúde, que ferozmente, enfrentam essa guerra, para salvar vidas, se colocando em risco. Muitos deles foram contaminados e muitos foram a óbito. São eles os médicos e médicas, enfermeiros e enfermeiras, técnicos e atendentes que trabalham na área da saúde, diretamente com as pessoas contaminadas pelo vírus e não param um só momento, lutando para controlar a pandemia. Lutam com a grave doença, lutam com a desinformação da população, lutam com a falta de recursos básicos e lutam contra o nosso governo federal brasileiro que não favorece, dificulta e compromete a situação, desestimulando o isolamento, atrasa os pagamentos e compras de equipamentos básicos para os hospitais e atendimentos de emergência, como, máscaras, respiradores etc; também dificulta a liberação de verbas para os hospitais de campanha. Essa é a nossa situação; enquanto muitos países estão superando o momento aqui estamos tendo mil mortes / dia em média e o governo federal concordando com aglomeramentos.

Também ressalvo os médicos e cientistas pesquisadores de todo o mundo que estão se dedicando integralmente e intensamente às pesquisas na busca de vacina e cura.https://iluarti.blogspot.com https://iaraabreu.blogspot.com/ https://www.instagram.com/iaraabreu2016/?hl=pt-br https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdnaomf4lR51JMu3KSYDhkg

7 thoughts on “URBAN ASPECTS / Quarantine – 15 Iara Abreu

  1. This is a very important issue. Congratulations Iara.
    We need all the platforms to talk about the situation in Brazil.

    Isto é muito important. Para´béns Iara. Nós precisamos de todas as platforms para falar da situação no Brasil.

  2. Dear Iara,
    Thank you for sharing this. I remembered one of the first images you’ve posted here (the one with people in masks), which was so colourful in contrast to this one. This truly is a war situation for those on the front line. And it’s sad that it’s not getting the visibility it deserves.
    Let us take a moment to think about those heroes at the hospitals, laboratories, streets, and remember what they’ve done for the world.

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