URBAN ASPECTS / Quarantine – 13 Iara Abreu

Unfortunately we have two serious crises in Brazil: the Pandemic and the political crisis in which the president seems the enemy of the people disregarding science, disregarding health, culture, art and disregarding education; the pandemic worsens as in statistics. And the president keeps inviting everyone back on the streets, back to the economy. We can only count on the generosity of the health team and generous popular actions, as the Brazilian people are generous. I make this record because I think it is important for future research. It will be a reference.
This information was extracted from the website of Wikipedia – Free Encyclopedia – 27-05-2020

388.336 cases, the largest number of cases in São Paulo.
24.512 deaths – total overall   


Infelizmente temos duas crises graves no Brasil: a Pandemia e a crise política em que o presidente mais parece inimigo do povo desconsiderando a ciência, desconsiderando a saúde, a cultura, a arte e desconsiderando a educação; a pandemia se agrava como na estatística. E, o presidente continua convidando a todos a retornarem às ruas, à economia. Só podemos contar com a generosidade da equipe de saúde e ações populares generosas, como generoso é o povo brasileiro. Faço esse registro porque acho importante para pesquisas futuras. Será uma referência.

Essa informação foi extraída do site da Wikipédia – Enciclopédia Livre       – 27-05-2020


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    Eliane Velozo

    Iara, you are right about all this. We are living the biggest political crises. The president is the other virus that we face right now.
    We, the Brazilians do not know what to do, because we can not go to the streets to protest. In Brasilia, they are making fulls all from science, universities, medicine. .. and all that all the countries are doing about the COVID-19.
    Congratulations. Your work is great!

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      Iara Abreu

      Thank you Eliane. Glad you liked it. Your work is also great, relevant. I think we artists somehow have to pronounce. Each can and must manifest itself in some way. What we can’t do is to remain silent, otherwise we will be complicit…I find it very strange, an artist who does not manifest or who is supporting our government. It’s incomprehensible.

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    Anastasia Patsey

    Dear Iara, dear Eliane,
    I wish you all energy and power to overcome these critical times! Our thoughts are with you.

    1. Iara Abreu

      Dear Anastasia. Thank you for your attention. Yes we are in difficult times, but we hope it will pass quickly.

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