The Craft Journey, Taarn Scott

It is beautiful to see what you are all creating in lock-down,
some thought-provoking works. On my end, the endeavor in crafting continues. Creating work that doesn’t directly
comment on the pandemic and changing world feels strange –
still working out where I sit with that.

I wanted to try out some woodwork with an element of functionality, having never really dabbled in either. This is a book holder, created for a friend who loves to cook. Perhaps encouraging a moment to appreciate the little things and the crafty/folksy things.


I made a zine-esque photo diary if you want to check it out! It was an exercise in reengaging with a vaguely digital sphere.

Petersburg Series, Taarn Scott

[Disclaimer: It contains photos from Moscow, which I didn’t specify – contrary to the implications of the title]

As always, I hope everyone is staying safe and looking after themselves xx


4 thoughts on “The Craft Journey, Taarn Scott

  1. Dear Taarn,
    The wood piece elements look similar to islamic floral patters
    and at the same time the “image” associates with Medieval book art.
    ( +
    What was your inspiration?

    Thank you for your St.P-Moscow photo album. Very elegant and witty.
    Did you like Russian rap?

    How do New Zealand people feel the Covid-19 crisis?
    I heard that the country has opened for Australian (tourists), so, it seems to be okay. I hope
    Good luck!

    1. Dear Nazar, thank you for your comment! The inspiration came through what patterns the wood supported. Geometric-esque detailing was less likely to split the wood, while trying to reference folk art patterns ) – the Islamic floral patterns is a very interesting connection, thank you for the links – it is a beautiful art form! Hahah the rap thing mainly started as a way to become accustomed to spoken Russian but grew into something I am a bit of a fan of (so a win-win in that regard) We are pretty lucky down here, we have shifted to a level two which means a substantial amount of freedom has returned. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I feel that we have emerged relatively unscathed and feel rather blessed! Thank you, sending good luck to you also 🙂

      1. Nice to hear it!
        To feel the media is truly important for art process

        It’s funny to say, but even Russians hardly understand what the rapers you mentioned speak in the tracks 🙂 Any way from artistic point of view Khaski (Хаски) and Maslo chornogo tmina are remarkable phenomena for the local music scene. Maybe some readers want to hear their collaboration:

        1. I agree, very important. That is good to know! ) I really love Масло and Хаски, I was recommended them a few months ago by a friend and they’ve stuck! That is super interesting – also visual art-wise the painted album covers (М.ч.т – narco) are quite cool, expressive and gestural.

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