Colagem, Paulo Carvalho Ferreira

At the university, all my research was directed to geometric composition in some way. For 01 year I have been working with cutouts and collage on Canson paper. The shadows generated by the cutouts interfere with the color tone, causing different shapes according to the angle observed.

Title of work: Impact

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    1. My last series, “Forms of Pizza, colors of Matisse”, was created through research by the artists in question. Both worked with collage. However, all of my works are rescued in my childhood with repetition and the use of triangular shapes, witnessed in the scraps of fabric cuts and papers for tailoring patterns that my father had.

      1. The use of paper was chosen because I don’t have enough space to work with screens. But it was right, as I manage to develop a work that is divided between the two-dimensional and sculptural planes in the same space.

        1. Dear Paulo,
          Thank you for your detailed answer!
          What job had your father if he had such unusual fabrics? Was he a cloth designer?
          And what kind of screens do you want to use as for your art, do you mean moving to digital art?

  1. My father was a tailor. Tailored clothing. In the future I would like to develop painting on canvas. But, at this moment, I don’t think about stopping producing with papers. I have projects to include monotype in the clippings I already make.

What do you think about this?