The City / first thoughts / by Marie-Eve Levasseur

This digital residency, this network connecting many persons in different cities and time zones, this webpage here will be my studio for the next weeks. My physical studio is a mess; I’m moving between cities very soon, from one continent to another actually. I’ll try to keep this space here tidier, clearer. It might be easier, the structure is somehow already there. Like in a city.

This page is my studio, and is also my village. I would like it to be a place for interaction. I want to build places here, that can be visited from afar. I’d like visitors/users to engage with objects and images I’ll be working on during this residency. That’s why I will make them available through Augmented Reality, so they can appear in different cities, different places.

But first I will concentrate on the content. Inspired by the communities of the feminist science fiction story: Woman on the Edge of Time (Marge Piercy), and by the organic living spaceship from Xenogenesis (Octavia E. Butler) I am thinking of symbiotic and organic teleportation portals that could trigger the imagination for greater connections and less borders. This is only a first thought, might delete/change later.

Here you can have a look at previous works of mine (some are web-based, so you can visit them virtually):

Yesterday I finished a space on Mozilla Hubs that presents my current show in the Berlin art space rosalux, as well as pages from a catalogue we did one year ago. Last Wednesday at our Garage meeting, we were talking about this plateform for our group exhibition in July: if you are curious to see what can be done with this, please feel free to visit by clicking the following image.

The space will be updated in the next days and officially ready next week on Wednesday May 26th. Have fun visiting!

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