‘Sky gazing as a test of courage’ , Ira Papadopoulou

Quarantine Days 1, 2, 3… 15, 16, 17


Breathe deeply.

Concentrate on the colors… make your own mind kaleidoscope.

Day 1

How many days can you stay sane while stuck in a flat?

What’s your emergency exit?

I found mine in a balcony view.

Day 1,2,3...15,16,17

Quarantine Days 21, 22, 23… 35, 36, 37


Breath Deeply.

Focus on your own polycentric inner color.


You’re here, stuck in a flat, but you can be anywhere.

Keep your eyes on the city’s skew horizon.

Feel the freedom.

days after

8 thoughts on “‘Sky gazing as a test of courage’ , Ira Papadopoulou

  1. Dear Ira, welcome to Virtual SPAR!
    The first two images are so beautiful, that when I saw the 3d one, with the daylight, it stroke me how plain the view really is and how your vision makes it special! The idea of the series is pretty simple, but it gives a powerful impression about the situation. How hard was it for Greece? Is it over now?

    1. Thank you Liza. The country was in a lockdown since the beginning of March and the measures were considered among the most strict in Europe. Things are much better now and everyday activity has restarted, although with many limitations for the cultural industry and the art workers.

      1. I am glad to hear that you stayed on the safe side and I hope culture will get back in force once its possible!

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