Roots of my art -2, Kate Finkelstein, Moscow

Hi, I promised to continue the story:)

Despite the fact that I graduated from art school, I finally graduated from Clinical psychology. “Man is the measure of all things” – this fundamental interest in how we are arranged, how we understend the world, what kind of hidden processes control us became the main motive for choosing this direction.

When I entered the High British School of Art & Design “Modern art” (my second high education) in 2017, It was a great and pleasant discovery for me how psychological modern art is, how important it is to understand human psychology and its unconscious processes for the interpretation of many works and trends in contemporary art. For me, psychological practice, in addition to its useful component, has always been associated with living the beauty of contemplating human mental phenomena, which was developed in two more topics of my practice – “Visualization of Psychological Phenomena”, as well as “Order and Chaos».

Of course, the most powerful influence on me was the very study in the BHSAD. The practical study of various art techniques , acquaintance with relevant significant figures in contemporary art and etc., experience in displaying of my works had a huge impact on my art. For me, it is important to combine a clear methodology of projects and openness to the randomness of experiments, readiness to follow intuitive sensations. I have a multidisciplinary approach, but mostly I work with space through installations, sculptures (using soap, plaster, silicone, found and natural objects), and photographic techniques. If possible, I prefer site-specific projects that create a dialogue on non-institutional territory. What I strive for in my work is not only the embodiment of an aesthetic that is close to me, but also the creation of a space of multi-level experience that a person can live when meeting with work. Experiments with measuring temporality as a tool for influencing the “viewer”are interesting for me as well.

So here are photos of my second project in this residency – series of sculptures “Domestic Traumatise” from my big topic “Visualization of Psychological Phenomena”.

This work is about our vulnerability in domestic life, which isn’t usually shown in social webs.

Gypsum, tissue, acrylic paint, tile 

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