Roots and Bones. Tasha Hurley, New York, USA

Pathless Woods


This is my first post on this platform and I’m curious to embark on this journey and see where it takes me.

My main tool is photography, and with the help of it I explore the magic that’s inside of all of us, the timeless, subdued and serene sense of wonder that becomes so elusive once you start growing up. I’m inspired by nature and folklore that is full of archetypes and wisdom as old as the spoken word. Landscape and humans play equally important part in my photography and they co-exist in balance. These are a few examples of my recent work, and I hope to share more in the upcoming weeks!

Fading into Serenity
Dormant Spring
My Roots, your Bones
Mirror, Mirror
  1. Вера Вихрова

    Потрясающие, эмоциональные картины, на которые хочется смотреть и смотреть, в каждой фотографии своя история и своя таинственность, ощущениe ароматов, погружение и соединение с природой, энергия передана с потрясающей точностью. Органичные, атмосферные, волшебные, чувственные, неповторимые работы! Очень талантливо!❤

    Translated by v-Residency’s administrator:
    Stunning, emotional pictures that you want to look at for a long time, each photo has its own history and its own mystery, aromas, immersion in nature and connection with it, energy is transmitted with amazing accuracy. Organic, atmospheric, magical, sensual, unrepeatable works! Very talented! ❤

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      Tasha Hurley

      Thank you!

  2. Anna

    The pictures are magical indeed

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      Tasha Hurley


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    Nazar Niazmetov

    Dear Tasha,
    Thank you for your first post!
    I think your thought about “equality” of environment and human in your image is curious. Can you tell a little more about it (answering here or in the next post)?
    It seems to me that the clothes in the photos also tell us something about the modern human being: it is mostly urban, and interaction with nature is either tourist or romantic, there are no dangers

    Does ecological ideas influence on your art?

    Hope to see more your art!

    1. Avatar photo
      Tasha Hurley

      Thank you for the feedback! I guess when I say that landscape and humans are equal I mean that even though these photos can be labeled as portraits, people are not the only subjects here, landscape plays an important part as well. I’m not trying to address the environmental issues in my art but I believe people get caught up in ideas of nationalism and prioritize one country over another, fighting over resources and exhausting our planet, whereas our planet is the only home that really matters.

  4. Tamara

    Эти фотографии стильны и изысканы. В них нет налёта красивости, но есть очарование, тайна, простор для собственных мыслей и чувств смотрящего. Эти мысли и чувства трудно облечь в слова. Они неуловимы, как лёгкий летний ветерок, как запах моря, как шум дождя.
    Эти фотографии вне времени, но тем не менее очень современны, потому что это взгляд фотохудожника, живущего здесь и сейчас.
    В них чувствуются отзвуки прошлого, трепетность настоящего, предчувствие будущего. В них удивительно переплетаются ощущение радости единения человека с природой и ощущение трагизма оторванности от неё.
    Надеюсь, что скоро мы увидим новые работы Таши Хёрли.
    Удачи тебе, Таша, в твоём творчестве!

    Translated by Nazar Niazmetov, the Virtual SPAR moderator:
    These photos are stylish and elegant. They do not have a touch of beauty, but there is charm, mystery, space for the viewer’s own thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings are difficult to put into words. They are elusive, like a light summer breeze, like the smell of the sea, like the sound of rain.
    These photos are timeless, but nevertheless very modern, because this is the view of an artist who lives here and now.
    They feel the echoes of the past, the thrill of the present, a premonition of the future. They are surprisingly intertwined with the feeling of joy of human unity with nature and a sense of tragedy of isolation from it.
    I hope that soon we will see new works by Tasha Hurley.
    Good luck to you, Tasha, in your work!

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      Tasha Hurley


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