Franz_Wanner : PUBLIC_VOID


AI as a Socio-technical System,
Review by Julia Gwendolyn Schneider, springerin issue 3/2019

The installation PUBLIC VOID divides the art space by a hanging glass pane into two areas. The images appearing on it are based on a code, which uses leaked algorithms of Cambridge Analytica.

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  1. Dear Franz, Thank you for inviting our community to see the art project!

    I would like to add your message a few links in Russian and a small text from an announcement of the Moscow exhibition he took a part:
    “A new multimedia project by artist Franz Wanner is based on a specially developed program that scans user preferences and content advertising mechanisms in social networks. Chains of connections that each Internet user unwittingly or voluntarily joins form an information field and narrow the range of choices. Wanner suggests countering such machine programming”.
    quote from here

    A review of the exhibition you could find on as mentioned Franz.

    Also, I would like to ask Franz, about artists who use new media for social and politic theme + inspire him. Could you name a couple of their projects?
    Are Alfredo Jaar, Simon Denny or Egor Kraft close to you?

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