Riddhi Patel: Drawing inspirations and work process for “sight Unseen”

My foremost inspiration for any work starts with a cup of ginger tea and deep contemplation in breeze. Funny ideas emerge and somehow I make them work. I am talking about a day when my dad had some digestive problems and took medication for it. 7 to 8 types meds were lying around each in different colors and shape. Straightaway I took them to my studio and made some new work from my newly bought gouche. Excited hands can never resist new colors!

The medicines, the circles, the dots reminded me of things like concentration points, meditation and spiritual associations. The piece of paper, I thought didn’t help me bring out those qualities. So this became a Groundwork for my series “sight unseen”. Its entirely made on Khadi cloth. Specifying more about Khadi- It was originated in India during the time-phase of fight for freedom and hence remains a cultural symbol for the country. This cloth carries ethnic and traditional values and signifies my correlation of being a classical dancer.

Stressing on “Sight Unseen”, its a series of 9 works which were inspired initially by surfaces of tissue and my scarf.

This is how I begin with my work!

After creating these, something popped up in my mind, it looks incomplete! The character of my painting is been missing. And then, I looked back to my previous work of medicines and it struck me. And next I did this.

When you notice the first picture, you have two different experiences. The image you see through plain glass and one with stripped glass. The predominance of the stripes and how it results into a completely distinct scenario highlighting the images in background took me by interest. Next day I had cut these white circles and black squares resulting into the final images and accumulating each idea! Henceforth, I present you the “Sight Unseen”.

  • Sight Unseen – 2020,
  • Medium: Acrylic on Khadi fabric,
  • Size: 15 x 15 inch (x9)

Post this work I had like to share a small association I have made! Its the eclipse sun. That day was a solar eclipse and the shadows the sun had drawn caught my attention. For some reason I resemble my work with the eclipse episodes. Sharing the images below.

This series of work is open to any kind of thoughts, opinions, suggestions and resemblances. Feel free to let me know! Thanks for reading this till the end. 🙂

  1. Ojas

    Very good Riddhi! Proud of you best friend ?

    1. Avatar photo

      Thanks a lot Ojas!

  2. Priyanshi

    Amazing work!! So happy to see you evolve like this! Lots of love❤❤

    1. Avatar photo

      Thanks a lot Priyanshi!!

  3. Khushboo


    The transcendent quality of the works kept me hooked to them.
    I admire the overall observations and simplicity of the thought that exude sacredness in the works.

    1. Avatar photo

      That means a lot Khushia! Thanks for always being supportive!

  4. Pinakin

    Excellent work ?

    1. Avatar photo

      Thanks dad! 🙂

  5. Romik Chudasama

    Great Job…. your thoughts make you diffrent from others…keep it up

    1. Avatar photo

      Thanks Uncle!

  6. Bhakti Desai

    Excellent work Ridhhi.Keep it up.God bless. You.

    1. Avatar photo

      thank you so much!

  7. Avatar photo
    Crystal Marshall

    Really lovely work here. I like the patterns used, the subtle palette and tonal shifts in the work. The tapestry adds an element of beauty as well, I feel visually I can dive deep into the work as well like. Really awesome.

    1. Avatar photo

      Thank you for the appreciation Crystal. Thats what my major task is- to let viewers dive deep into it visually and let them cognize about it.

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