Polly Williams (AU) P O L L Y G U N S, 2019

Polly Williams. P O L L Y G U N S. Acrylic on wood, stapes, 69×133 cm, 2019

Polly Williams talks on P O L L Y G U N S in relation to the Mind The Gap theme:

‘P O L L Y G U N S’, negative space tentatively replicates the ‘Wayang’ symbol. An Indonesian folk symbol that reflects the ‘way of life’ or ‘Universal law’. The artworks diamond shape gap transforms into a mystic space. The ‘Wayang’ assemblage shape is created by repurposed wood guns, sourced in 2019, @ KRACK printmaking studio, gallery and art residency in
Yogjakarta, Indonesia.

Polly Williams

Polly Williams is a multidisciplinary artist working in painting, sculpture and installation. Her minimalist and geometric work is often auto-biographical exploring running themes of transformation and humor. She is currently based in Sydney Australia.

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