Light manipulation, Andrea Ahuactzin Pintos

In this post I’ll talk about some projects that go with the idea of artificial light manipulation. I’m interested in seeing how there can be new possibilities into how we manage the operation of artificial light, observing it from two different factors: the manipulation coming from the person and from an electronic mechanism

This first project I’ll talk about is called “soplo de luz” (blow of light). For this sculpture to operate is necessary for the person to blow into the tube, with this air it’s going to move a pompon that is inside the cone and this movement is going to be captured by a sensor ,which will make the light  turn on, but when this movement stops the light will turn off. 

Something that can make more tangible the process of how the light gets to work,is with the sound produced by it. When you blow into the tube is possible to hear how the air goes through the tube and makes the light to turn on, so I see it as a way to make you more conscious about how the light is being controlled.

Another thing to take into consideration is how the sculpture relates to the space, as every time the light turns on and off  it creates a new atmosphere within the space, and it allows the spectator to have different feel and ways to relate with the sculpture.


Andrea Ahuactzin Pintos
“Soplo de luz”
1.20 m x 37 cm x 1 m

The second project I’ll talk about is called “golpe de luz” (hit of light). This project goes with the idea of light manipulation from an electronic mechanism, which moves back an forth and with this movement it hits some button lights which will make them turn on and off. What I think is interesting about this project, is that sometimes when it hits the light it may not turn on or off and I think is an important part of the process, as it’s a mechanism that doesn’t have control over itself. So I make this analysis on how there are  different types and ways to control light when you talk about a human that has complete control over itself and a machine that doesn’t really have control over itself .

This process of not knowing if the light is going to turn on  the next time it gets hit, I think generates a tension between the piece and the spectator, because it makes you observe the whole process on how this mechanism works and also hearing how the mechanism works makes  more tangible and easy to understand the whole process that goes behind this manipulation of light. And what is also important is to see this relationship that exists between the spectator with the piece, the piece with the space and the space with the spectator and how all of this interconectes and generates an experience.


Andrea Ahuactzin Pintos
“Golpe de luz”
1 m x 1.04 cm x 17 m

As a third project I didn’t work with a sculpture but I worked with something that puts these two concepts of sculpture into one. So what I did is a construction manual, as I see these two sculptures as machines that allow you to manipulate the light. For me is important because I keep working with the idea of process, as a construction manual portrays a process to get to an objective.

I think doing the manual also helps me to share my way of working and describing how I create my sculptures and to share to people how they can make their own new possibilities of manipulating artificial  light maybe from their home.

Is an important part to see how these sculptures are also possible to be made by anyone and that it isn’t something exclusive for me as an artist.


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