Into the centre of love with you, Wesley John Fourie

Hello all!

Since my last post a lot has changed in my world. To begin, I am currently sitting in a library half way across the country from my home, on an artist residency in the lovely little town of Whanganui. I have been here two weeks, and have spent much of my time here reading local mythology surrounding Taniwha (mythical spirits of the rivers here in Aotearoa NZ). The local Taniwha is Tutaiporoporo, and I am certain as my research into this continues, it shall influence my arts practice.

I also had a duo exhibition open the day before this residency begun, in a city not so far from here called Hamilton. The show, “into the centre of love with you” is a duo show with Alica Alva (a rather magical NZ artist) and myself, and the works in the exhibition pertain to us both navigating how love, intimacy, and memory can manifest in our own arts practices.

My works for the show were three hand stitched blankets, titled Blankets for Angel’s, as well as a small embroidery, fuck me in the forest, and a 6m long embroidery detailing over 100 NZ native plant species, titled Forest Floor (where we lay together in love).

Initially, I was a little perplexed as to how to visually present my relationship history, as it hasn’t exactly been all too successful a venture. So for each of the blankets, I took poetry I have written, song lyrics, and text messages, all sent/said to various boyfriends in my life. It turns out when you spend nearly 100 hours stitching memories about your ex’s, it kinda makes you a little depressed haha!

I am now combatting this feeling of sadness by investigating the Taniwha, and actively avoiding boys!!!!

Images below- Blankets for Angel’s, fuck me in the forest, and Forest Floor (where we lay together in love) 2020

Blankets for Angel’s 2
Blankets for Angel’s 1
Blankets for Angel’s 3
Fuck me in the forest
Installation shot
Forest floor (where we lay together in love)

It was midway through writing this post I recieved some rather wonderful news. Aoraki (the work featured in Transpositions III) has been selected as one of the winners and selected finalists of the Wallace Awards, (New Zealand’s most prestigious art award) and will tour the country over the next few months with the trust. Feeling very blessed, and so happy I could share this news via this blog post!

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    Ilia Bouslakov


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    Crystal Marshall

    Congratulations on the success of winning an award. I found the imagery to be thought provoking and visually engaging. The choice of material seems suitable for the topic that explores two souls becoming interwoven with one another. Reading the quotes felt like I was reading a love story that I imagined in my head and how it played out. Thanks for sharing.

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    Nazar Niazmetov

    So nice to read it!

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