Illusion vs Reality: A Duality, Gerald Carlton

Illusion vs Reality

The purpose of this image is to interogate ways of being

The dice appear to be on opposite sides of the glass. However if viewed from another perspective the image of the dice on the glass could be the reflection or the mirror image of the real dice on the other side, that is it’s true counterpart. Are the two dice in the image or is there one? However you call it, the die is cast. Your guess is as good as mine:)

3 thoughts on “Illusion vs Reality: A Duality, Gerald Carlton

  1. Haha, first I thought: “How can people drink from the glass?”
    Very witty!

    A glass seems as an ice cube incidentally…
    Meditativeness overlaps associations from gambling symbols in perception!

    1. The ice cube shaped as a whisky glass was an artistic entendre only intended for those with keen perception. Well done Nazar.

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